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USA Program Director 

Nicole Harvey is a graduate of Seattle University with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with Departmental Honors. Her research interests include immigration reform and refugee re-settlement, and how both groups are impacted by stringent policies that limited their sociopolitical and economic mobility. Her undergraduate honors thesis specifically focuses on how the programs and resources available a local labor rights organization contribute to the disruption of modern day slavery and prevent the economic exploitation of undocumented Latino im/migrant workers. She has also studied the implications of marijuana legalization and the racial underpinning of drug laws, as it relates to issues of forced displacement and gentrification in Seattle's Central District.  


As the newest staff member and a GYC alumni, Nicole is eager to contribute to a larger discussion surrounding the importance of human rights education and advocacy programs in promoting social justice in both local and international contexts. As the USA Program Director, she aims to educate and inform young students of different backgrounds about the various social inequities within Washington state, such as: homelessness and issues of displacement, increased detention and deportation of immigrant populations, as well as racial and religious intolerance, and how these issues impact the lives of politically vulnerable populations daily. 



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