"Going into this program I knew I wanted to make a career of human rights work. This program only made me more sure of that."

- Participant, NYC 2014

"It was so wonderful to know that even during this intensive human rights learning experience we really took action in several important ways...I really feel that we all, the Rwandans and North Americans working together, in collaboration with organizations, made a positive impact on a variety of issues in a variety of ways."

- Participant, Rwanda Winter 2011







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"The opportunity to work within the United Nations during the GYC program, as well as hearing Shula [Koenig]’s perspective on the UN, really renewed a desire to potentially work there for me. As Shula said, although the internal framework of the UN might not be terribly efficient, it’s the best international organization we have in place, and global society would not be able to function as fluidly or peacefully without it."

- Viveka, NYC 2012

"Now I see human rights in the context of our global modern world. The right to citizenship, to be recognized as representing legally a nation or territory is essential. Belonging to this earth legally is one of the most basic human rights, besides life."

- Participant, Rwanda Winter 2015

"I learned that advocacy is when you give people the power
to help themselves."

- Participant, Rwanda Winter 2015

"Before we went out to volunteer in the field, we heard a rousing speech from Joel Berg, Executive Director of NYCCAH. He explained to the Global Youth Connect delegates the reality of poverty and hunger in America. He spoke of vast wealth inequality which results in such statistics as the USA having 400 billionaires while having 49 million people who can’t afford enough food (many of them children). Those in the group not from the United States (and probably some who were too) were shocked to hear that the United States does not define economic rights as human rights."

– Cher, NYC 2012

"I feel like I finally have direction. I want to come back to the region and do trauma healing."

– Participant, Rwanda Winter 2011

"This delegation moved me to want to continue to fight for human rights in all that I do. It taught me the importance of collaborations so that we may get a better understanding, exchange solutions, activate and advocate for the rights of others that may not have the ability"

– Participant, Rwanda Winter 2015

"After meeting with the Deputy Mayor, I realized the power of our democracy to change structures in favor of human rights."

– Participant, NYC 2014

"I gained greater insight into the ways Human Rights are advanced in Rwanda, such as through political participation/engagement, NGOs, individual movements within Civil Society, etc."

– Participant, Rwanda Winter 2011

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