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Cambodia Program

Over the last two years, peaceful youth protests and opposition party gains in the Cambodian parliament indicate that the people of Cambodia and civil society are not taking current human rights violations lying down, and that there are openings for significant advances ahead. Global Youth Connect aims to focus on the current economic, social and political opportunities facing the country in the context of traditional justice related to the Khmer Rouge as well. What is the relationship between impunity for current members of the government (who were involved in the crimes of the Khmer Rouge) and the challenges facing workers, farmers, and fishermen/women in Cambodia today?


GYC is re-launching our human rights program in Cambodia in summer 2015. The program will focus specifically on the roots of conflict and the dynamics of justice, reconciliation, and peace building as experienced in Cambodia nearly three decades after the end of the genocide but just a few years after the launch of a truth commission designed to bring much overdue attention to the crimes committed between 1975-1979. In particular, participants will gain experience in human rights in this post-violence context.

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Youth Resource Development Center


Youth for Peace


Center for Critical Thinking & Development

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